Meet the Author

Born in Beckenham, Kent, the first child of 1960s parents, I grew up in difficult environments. But, due to a good grounding from my very early childhood, I worked hard at school to achieve the best results I could, before leaving home at the innocent and very naïve age of 16. Moving from North Wales back to London, meant life was still tough and I made plenty of mistakes as I continued to move from pillar to post. 

My university of real life has taken me on many journeys, some happy, some sad, and to a variety of different towns and villages. Along the way, I have met and been inspired by people from a world of varied backgrounds, cultures and beliefs, who have all enriched my life in their own unique ways; sharing interesting stories and their personal experiences with me. All of this enrichment, has enabled me to draw on descriptions of events and create characters for my books, who could be like any one of us. I try to make my characters feel as normal as possible; real people, with all the usual foibles, flaws and positive characteristics that we, as human beings, have within us. Thankfully, my readers seem to agree, because their feedback has been great. 

As for me now, I feel very fortunate to finally be living by the sea; writing, walking and spending quality time with family and friends. As a writer, I find the countryside and sea-views particularly calming for my spirit, whilst the coastal walks are utterly exhilarating. Living where I do, inspires me to enjoy life and keep writing, and I know I am extremely lucky to finally be living my dream.