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Love Twists as Life Turns Book Cover
Love Twists as Life Turns

In Casey’s mind she is a twenty-something female, who is shocked to find she has reached her thirties whilst still unmarried. Feeling lucky to have good friends around her, Casey enjoys her single life and the attentions of more than one man. With a good dose of raunchy fun and the complications that multiple men can bring, Casey’s life is certainly interesting. The involvement of these men in her life provides much anticipation and excitement, as well as several thought provoking situations for Casey to deal with.

It is Casey’s experiences of friendship, loss, lust and worries, along with her dreams, which she decides to share in an Online Diary. In doing so, she captures the interest of someone who is able to influence great change in Casey’s life, just at a point when a serious issue interrupts her progress.

Previously known as Casey’s Online Diary, but we love this fresh look!

Kellie's Dreams

Craving a calm, peaceful and uncomplicated life, through unexpected circumstances, Kellie finds herself living back in the same place she spent most of her childhood holidays.

As her new life begins to settle, strange dreams start to invade Kellie’s senses and she finds herself drawn to ancient Egypt. An old love triangle re-surfaces and previously untold stories emerge, which keep Kellie guessing as to what it all means.

Sudden, tragic events, cause the life she has come to know to take a dramatic turn and Kellie finds herself facing a different connection; one that links her present life, with one from a distant past.

Kellie's Dreams Book Cover
Promises, Secrets, Dreams Book Cover
Promises, Secrets, Danger

Whilst working undercover, an MI5 agent is instructed to do whatever it takes to bring down the Mafia family he has infiltrated. Danger of death is ever present as the Don is in the frame for a haul of drugs and guns worth millions. Ever the professional and keen not to blow the whole operation, the undercover agent becomes embroiled in a situation which questions his principles, as drug-induced sexual experiences with the Don’s daughter distract and challenge his loyalties. The question is, who will be hurt and who will survive?

Amelie's Journey

April 1912. As RMS Titanic sets sail, many of its passengers are excited at the prospect of a new life in America. Standing on deck, searching the sea of faces on the quayside for Dylan, the thoroughly modern and very independent Amelie is among them, her hopes equally high, as she sets off on her new adventure.

The people Amelie meets on-board will influence her time in America, opening doors to different challenges and introducing her to new people. What Amelie doesn’t yet know, is how dramatically her life will change once she reaches her new destination or when she will get to see her beloved Bude again.

Amelie's Journey Book Cover


Lovely characters in a well-structured story. A light-hearted yet tender look at love and friendship in all its shapes and sizes. A really lovely story. [Review from 1st edition of this book]

Tracey Traynor - Love Twists as Life Turns

I have loved Johanna Jackson easy to read prior books and was a change to her style and pace but was really enjoyable. Had a plot that moved at a good pace and was threaded throughout with interesting characters. Still easy to read but with a twist of two ( no spoilers here) and some feel good as well. Well Recommend.

Jan French - Promises, Secrets, Danger

Was a comfortable easy read, enjoyable storyline and with characters that feel real.

Merrenna French - Kellie's Dreams

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