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Wellbeing Cards
Wise Owl  Wisdom & Guidance
Wise Owl Wisdom & Guidance Cards

There are often times in life when we need a little extra support or guidance to help us navigate difficult challenges, or simply to improve our sense of self-worth and belief in what we can achieve.

These 49 Oracle Cards comprise 7 sets of Wisdoms & Guidance designed to support your wellbeing by offering moments of learning, complimenting your Soul’s journey of personal growth and cover the following subjects:

  • Gratitude

  • Healing & Protection

  • Follow Your Dream

  • Ask for Help

  • Helping Others

  • Being Aware

  • Self-Help

Hope & Happiness Cards

These cards have been designed for you to keep and refer to, carry with you, or even to leave in random place for others to find and brighten their day. 

They can also be used to support spiritual readings.

However you choose to use them, I hope you enjoy spreading love, happiness and smiles. 

Hope & Happiness Cards Johanna Jackson
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