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Tarot Readings
Tarot Readings
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Johanna reads the Tarot and Oracle Cards intuitively, with the support of her Spiritual Guides and Angels.

If you would like to receive an online Tarot Reading from Johanna, please select the BUY button to purchase your reading.

If you have a specific question, you may add this to the message box (optional), but please be aware that Johanna will read whatever messages she sees in the cards and quite often, Spirit will give her the answers they feel you need to hear, which may differ from what you want to hear.

Once payment has been received, Johanna will email her reading to you within 7 days, along with a photograph of the cards that were drawn for you.

Legal Disclaimer  Please note these readings are Johanna’s interpretation of the Tarot and Oracle Cards and she is obliged to advise you that her readings are for entertainment purposes only.

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