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- Johanna Jackson, Author -
Johanna Jackson
Meet your Author - Johanna Jackson 

Having spent many years working in a corporate environment, my journey as an Author did not begin until 2015, when I decided to write a short-story for a magazine. That ‘short-story’ evolved to become my first novel, Love Twists as Life Turns. Since then, I have written three more romantic fiction novels, all of which have standalone storylines and characters.


In 2021, I created my first set of Wellbeing Oracle Cards, with the intention of helping those who needed a positive boost. These cards have been so well received, that I feel I have found a gift in how I can better help others. This realisation led me to create a second set of cards during 2023, which has also been a year of great personal change and evolvement. It is my ongoing intention to further explore my spiritual connections, whilst also helping others, as I travel my own path of growth and learning.

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Thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. The characters are well described and the twists in the story keep you turning the pages to find out what is going to happen next. Not often am I moved to tears when reading, but the way this book is written you can't help but connect with the characters and what they are experiencing. Highly recommended.    [Review from 1st edition of this book]

LM - Amazon - Love Twists as Life Turns

I really enjoyed this book, definitely racier than Johanna Jackson's other books, it's a sexy romance with lots of unexpected twists which keep you turning those pages. Would definitely recommend.

Sam G - Instagram Reviewer - Promises, Secrets, Danger

Jackson has crafted a lovely light read. I'm not usually a fan of romance novels, but I enjoyed reading this one. Kellie's Dreams deals with dark issues without becoming dark itself. She also scores massive points for showing how amazing dogs are. I think Skip might have been my favorite character!

Perry Wolfecastle, US Blogger - Kellie's Dreams

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